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Taiwanese YouTubers, Leila Couple and Joeman, were reported to have been arrested by the police on suspicion of using and possessing marijuana.

Taiwanese KOLs Joeman And Lyla Were Caught Using Marijuana, likely Purchased Online With Crypto (2)

Nov 08
Buying Marijuana by Crypto? In fact, within the internet celebrity circle, using crypto for drug transactions is quite common. The most common method of acquisition is often through private underground networks introduced by friends, and such transactions typically involve the use of cryptocurrencies. Buyers may feel that conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies might be safer psychologically because they cannot ascertain the complex transaction relationships between drug dealers and other traders. Recently, artist KID, while hosting the show "野人七號部落", a popular photographer named 科七 (Instagram: Krpb520) was arrested for alleged marijuana use. According to police investigations, he used USDT for the purchase, facilitating the transaction and delivery conveniently through cryptocurrency. One Of Us; You Are Not Alone In response, Taiwanese singer R-chord (謝和弦), who has previously been ordered to abstain from using marijuana due to past incidents but has consistently supported its legalisation, also released a statement. He wrote on Facebook, "Supporting Joeman and Lyla, from now on, they are my own people. Rotten government, llegalise marijuana."
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