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Recently, it was reported that the wallet of well-known adult actress HongKongDoll has been emptied.

Adult Actress HongKongDoll Recently Shocked The Public By Announcing A "Wallet Reset To Zero” (2)

Nov 09
Made $100 million from ETH? Subsequently, HongKongDoll continued to post content related to cryptocurrency on the X platform. It wasn't until the significant drop in LUNA that she made a post that garnered attention in the cryptocurrency sphere. In a tweet on May 9th, she shared a screenshot of a 50x leveraged short trade on ETH, entered at a price of US$2,836, which she held until June 17th, when the price of ETH plummeted to nearly US$1,000. In response, HongKongDoll immediately clarified that this transaction was simply to hedge her existing holdings and was not as exaggerated as it may seem to outsiders. She also urged community members not to speculate too much and mentioned that she needed to take a vacation to rest. An Original Gangster in the Cryptocurrency HongKongDoll continues to stay connected with the community in various cryptocurrency domains. Whether it's the collapse of American banks, BRC-20, Friend.Tech, and more. Her presence and tweets are everywhere. Meanwhile, her personal work remains deeply moving.
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