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Some participants at Yuga Labs' ApeFest event have raised concerns regarding eye discomfort and vision impairment, alleging that these issues stem from inadequate lighting conditions.

ApeFest Attendees in Hong Kong Experience 'Extreme Pain' and Vision Issues (1)

Nov 09
Following the Yuga Labs' ApeFest event in Hong Kong on 4 November, attendees have come forward with alarming reports of burns, impaired vision, and, in some cases, enduring "extreme pain" in their eyes. These experiences have been attributed to what they perceive as inappropriate lighting conditions. Notably, a recurring observation is that the majority of individuals encountering eye-related problems were situated in close proximity to the lighting display at the event's main stage. A guest who attended ApeFest and goes by the pseudonym "Feld" on X (formerly known as Twitter) corroborated these symptoms, further amplifying concerns about the lighting setup. Of the hundreds of attendees at ApeFest, at least 15 reports of vision impairment have surfaced on social media, pointing to a specific association with those who were situated near the stage lighting. Previous Instances of Inappropriate UV Lighting It is worth noting that Hong Kong has witnessed previous instances of event-goers experiencing medical issues due to exposure to inappropriate UV lighting. On 20 October 2017, attendees at a party hosted by the streetwear brand HypeBeast reported painful burns and eye damage.
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