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Recently, it was reported that the wallet of well-known adult actress HongKongDoll has been emptied.

Adult Actress HongKongDoll Recently Shocked The Public By Announcing A "Wallet Reset To Zero” (3)

Nov 09
The Wallet is Empty! Until November 3rd, HongKongDoll once again shocked all her fans with a tweet! She posted a tweet announcing that her cryptocurrency wallet had essentially been emptied, without specifying the exact reason. Some speculate that she may have broken up with her boyfriend, experienced a contract liquidation, or had her wallet hacked. Her cryptocurrency community has been trying to console her, while she herself stated in the Friend.tech group, "The actual situation is a bit complicated." Returning to Pornhub? She also mentioned that the income from OnlyFans is basically like a perpetual motion machine. What made her fans happy is that she initiated a poll on x, indicating the possibility of relaunching an adult website starting with "P" (known as Pornhub). That goddess, who once dominated the Chinese region and had over 191 million views, might be making a comeback!
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