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BAYC’s exclusive ApeFest Hong Kong merch drop is in the midst of a hiccup with the online store being taken down temporarily until website issues are resolved.

BAYC Exclusive ApeFest Hong Kong Merch Drop Encounters Website Glitches (3)

Nov 09
The act of wearing and displaying such merchandise symbolises not only support but also an invitation for recognition, connection, and camaraderie. BAYC has consistently upheld a high standard for their exclusive merchandise releases during these events since the inception of their first Ape Fest. "Website Issues" During the Launch Shortly after the merch drop went live at 9am, BAYC noted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that it has been brought to their attention that some users are experiencing issues with the online store. They took down the online store while the website issues are being resolved. BAYC elaborated that this issue was not "tokenproof's error in any way At the time of writing, BAYC has assured users that "majority of items for sale on the online shop will still be available for purchase once the website is back." Crypto Community Express Mixed Reactions to Website Issues While some chastised BAYC for not learning from past mistakes,some applauded their swift communication in clarifying the issue and keeping users updated.
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