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BAYC’s exclusive ApeFest Hong Kong merch drop is in the midst of a hiccup with the online store being taken down temporarily until website issues are resolved.

BAYC Exclusive ApeFest Hong Kong Merch Drop Encounters Website Glitches (2)

Nov 09
This new merchandise collection promises to celebrate Apes in classic street-wear style, encompassing branded caps, playful T-shirts commemorating ApeFest or featuring distinctive Ape traits like restaurant receipts, tanks, hoodies, totes, flasks, and more. It is worth noting that the ApeFest FAQ page on the BAYC website indicates that guests bringing a "+1" to the event in person will also have the opportunity to purchase merchandise. At a glance, this new release embodies a unique street-wear essence, characterised by refined design, humour, and a strong emphasis on quality. Anticipated to be sported by attendees throughout the event, especially at the Yacht Club Open House on Sunday, these products are set to make a statement. Emphasis on the Global Nature of BAYC This year's ApeFest places significant emphasis on the global nature of the BAYC and Yuga communities. It marks a shift from last year's music-focused event to one centred around a myriad of experiences and "surprises" across the city, all underpinned by a strong sense of community. Highlights of the event include a BMW interactive feature, a clubhouse party, activities like skating and basketball, and a staggered happy hour. The official ApeFest zine offers hints and insights into the event's programme. Notably, ApeFest will feature a robust virtual component to ensure the participation of holders worldwide.
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