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Bitcoin Rock Sells for 3.45 BTC on Magic Eden. That's a Big Deal


Bitcoin Rocks #62 today changed hands for 3.45 BTC, marking a sale of approximately $128,500 for a single Bitcoin ordinal.

Bitcoin Rocks, a collection featuring 100 rock-themed digital artworks, is one of the earliest adopters of the Ordinal theory, with the lowest inscription number being #71.

This follows Rock #75's recent sale for nearly 3 BTC.

Increasing Network Fees

Bitcoin's network fees have experienced a surge of almost 1,400% this month, showcasing an increase from $779,549 at the beginning of the month to a peak of $11.63 million on November 16th.

This is largely in part due to the popularity of Ordinals, which have seen a resurgence after Bitcoin's recent upward action.

Ether Rock

While it is unknown whether they might be affiliated, Bitcoin Rocks was likely greatly inspired by the success of Ether Rock.

These NFTs were so iconic, that crypto mogul Justin Sun spent half a million to get them.

Originating in 2017, the EtherRock predates Bitcoin Rocks as one of the first crypto collectible NFT-type projects on the Ethereum blockchain, emerging shortly after CryptoPunks.

The creator emphasises that the rocks serve no functional purpose beyond being bought and sold.

They simply represent a unique form of digital ownership.

Doge Rocks

In addition to Bitcoin Rocks, a Dogecoin variant of the Rocks series has emerged, with a floor price around $2,300 at the time of publication.

The creator of the Doge Rocks collection notes its tribute to the famous Jelling Stones, EtherRock, and Bitcoin Rocks.

This project represents a collaboration between Drc20Pump, DoginalsPandas, and DogiDrc20, aiming to provide an exclusive rock collection for the Dogecoin Drc-20 Doginals network

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