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[Coinlive Guide] Attention to all Steam gamers! Guide to claim free NFT by P12 - Part 1

Greetings folks! Or ‘GM’ in crypto slang. I believe there are many gamers out there who have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFT but didn’t get involved in them. I am glad that you are reading this piece now, preparing to kickstart your very first crypto journey!

Project Twelve (P12), a pioneer of Web3 gaming platform, is currently airdropping free-to-mint NFT for all the Steam gamers out there. You might ask, what’s the point of claiming this NFT. Besides possible reward tokens in future, you are going to be one of the players that get to experience Web3 gaming firsthand. In this guide, I am going to show you how to start from scratch: from creating a wallet to purchasing crypto, and finally to minting NFT.

Before I start, it is recommended to use a PC or laptop, together with Chrome browser to embark on this crypto journey. Owing to length constraints, this guide is split into 2 parts. Part 1 is the creation of crypto wallet, while Part 2 is for the minting of NFT. If you already had a wallet, kindly proceed to Part 2. Here we go!

P/S: If you wish to claim this NFT, I would advise you to act upon it immediately as P12 is closing the event soon.

1. Visit https://metamask.io/ . Click ‘Download’.

2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.

3. Click ‘Add extension’. After installation is complete, click ‘Get started’.

4. Click ‘Create a Wallet’.

5. You may choose yes or no as you wish.

6. Create a password.

7. Recommendable to watch the introduction video.

8. Click ‘Reveal’ and take down the Recovery Phrase. Recovery Phrase aka Seed Phrase, it’s a combination of randomly generated words that use for retrieving your crypto wallet. Do not share this phrase with anyone else and also it is recommended to write it down on a piece of paper instead of screenshot or snapshot, to avoid cyber-attack.

9. Select Recovery Phrase in the correct order.

10. Click ‘All Done’.

11. Your wallet is successfully created!

Let's proceed to Part 2 for the minting guide! Tunnel: https://www.coinlive.com/news/detail/?id=8222

Written by: [Coinlive] Nell

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