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[Coinlive Guide] Attention to all Steam gamers! Guide to claim free NFT by P12 - Part 2

GM folks! This is the second part of the guide which covers NFT minting. If you wish to know how to create a crypto wallet, please refer to part 1 here: https://www.coinlive.com/news/detail/?id=8221 . Let’s continue our journey.

1. Visit https://airdrop.p12.games/ . Connect your Metamask wallet.

2. Click ‘Next’.

3. Click ‘I am a Steam Gamer’.

4. Click ‘Sign in with Steam’.

5. Enter your Steam account. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

6. It looks like this if your Steam profile is not open to public. Click ‘Open Steam’.

7. Make sure your ‘profile’ and ‘game details’ are in ‘Public’. Remember to untick the box.

8. Once done, click ‘Reload Stats’.

9. Your Steam profile should be loaded successfully.

10. Scroll down and see which rarity of NFT you are about to claim. Click ‘Claim’.

11. The webpage will prompt you to enter your email address before claiming.

12. Click ‘Sign’.

13. Click ‘Project Galaxy’.

14. Select the matching badge, which is ‘White’ in my case.

15. Click ‘Switch to BSC’. It will show ‘not eligible’ below the button if you select the wrong badge.

16. Click ‘Approve’ to switch network.

17. Once you are in the correct network, you can proceed to claim the NFT.

18. Bear in mind any action in the world of blockchain requires a transaction fee. It is called ‘gas fee’. Click ‘Reject’ if you do not have any BNB (Binance Coin) in your wallet. The gas fee cost lesser than USD$1, you can purchase crypto (next step) or simply ask your friend to send you some.

19. So how do we purchase crypto via Metamask? Let’s access the wallet first. Click the puzzle icon in the upper right corner of Chrome browser. Click the pin icon.

20. Click the Metamask icon. Metamask window pop-up and click ‘Buy’.

21. Currently Metamask offers two merchants for us to purchase crypto.

22. Assume we select ‘Moonpay’. You may purchase crypto using a credit card.

23. Once the purchase is completed, back to step 17 and claim the NFT. Click ‘confirm’ to start minting.

24. Wait for a while. If the NFT is minted successfully, the claim button will grey out. Click ‘Galaxy ID' on top to view your NFT.

25. Enter your username and click ‘Sign’.

26. Ta-da! There goes your NFT!

Stay tuned on Coinlive for more NFT minting guide in future. Cheers!

Written by: [Coinlive] Nell

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