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[Coinlive strategy] Attention all Steam players! Teach you how to get free NFT from scratch (Part 1)

I believe that many players who are keen on games have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum or NFT, etc., but have not participated in it. Now is a great time to get started!

As a pioneer of the Web3 game platform, Project Twelve (P12) tailor-made free NFT airdrops for all players of the Steam game platform. Players who cast this NFT will not only be able to obtain reward tokens issued by P12 in the future, but also experience Web3 games in person. In this guide, the author will show you how to start from scratch: from creating a wallet, buying cryptocurrency, and finally minting NFT.

Before starting, it is recommended that you use a personal computer or laptop, and then use the Chrome browser to start your cryptocurrency journey. Due to space limitations, this guide is divided into two parts. The first part is about the creation of cryptocurrency wallets; the second part is about the minting of NFTs. If you already have a wallet, you can skip directly to the second part. Let's get started!

Postscript: If you are interested in receiving this free NFT, you must take action immediately, because the P12 project party will soon announce the end of the event.

1. Browse to https://metamask.io/ . Click on 'Download'.

2. Click 'Add to Chrome'.

3. Click 'Add extension'. After the installation is complete, click 'Get started'.

4. Click 'Create a Wallet'.

5. Optional.

6. Create a password.

7. It is recommended to watch this introductory video.

8. Click 'Reveal' and copy down the mnemonic phrase. The mnemonic consists of 12 English words and is used to restore the cryptocurrency wallet. The mnemonic is as important as a password. If it is intercepted by others, the encrypted assets in the wallet will be at risk of being stolen. The author recommends using pen and paper to record mnemonic words to prevent cyber attacks.

9. Select the mnemonic combination in sequence.

10. Click 'All Done'.

11. Wallet successfully created!

Next to the second part, link: https://www.coinlive.com/news/detail/?id=8297

Author: [Coinlive] Nell

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