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Ubisoft Joins Tech and Entertainment Giants in Halting Twitter Ads Amidst Antisemitism Concerns

Tech and entertainment heavyweights, including Ubisoft, Apple, IBM, and Disney, are hitting pause on Twitter ads, citing concerns about the platform hosting antisemitic content.

Ubisoft's decision to suspend Twitter ads aligns with a growing trend among billion-dollar firms distancing themselves from the social media giant.

Ubisoft Takes a Stand

Ubisoft, renowned for Assassin's Creed, follows the footsteps of industry leaders like Apple and IBM, expressing discontent with Twitter's inability to control antisemitic posts.

While Ubisoft hasn't disclosed the precise motive, the collective withdrawal of major corporations from the platform likely influenced its move.

However, amidst this move, Ubisoft continues to post organically on Twitter (X), leaving observers to ponder the strategic objectives behind maintaining an organic presence on the platform during this controversy.

Elon Musk's Involvement

Elon Musk, Twitter's owner, stirred controversy by endorsing a post widely criticised as antisemitic.

His subsequent criticism of the Anti-Defamation League intensified concerns. Media Matters' revelation that Twitter ads from notable companies were placed next to objectionable content added fuel to the fire.

Industry-wide Concerns

Major players like IBM have taken a firm stance against hate speech, immediately suspending advertising on Twitter.

Forbes reports that advertising executives are calling for Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino's resignation, alleging inadequate control over harmful content. Yaccarino, a former NBC executive, has publicly condemned antisemitism.

Musk's Defense and Industry Response

Musk denies allegations of antisemitism, asserting that any efforts to curtail his tweets are attempts to suppress free speech.

As the controversy unfolds, the industry's response to Twitter's handling of antisemitic content becomes increasingly critical.

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