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Snapchat Influencer Sparks Controversy with AI 'Virtual Girlfriend' Chatbot

AI Clone to Combat Loneliness: CarynAI's Controversial Debut

Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, with 1.8 million subscribers, has stirred both fascination and criticism by launching CarynAI, an AI-powered chatbot aiming to combat loneliness. The "virtual girlfriend" chatbot allows fans to engage in private, personalized conversations with an AI version of the influencer.

Ethics and Backlash Surrounding CarynAI

CarynAI's viral success has sparked debates on the ethical implications of companion chatbots. Marjorie's tweet claims it's a step towards addressing emotional suppression in men and offers therapeutic features. However, the controversial bot has faced backlash for allegedly engaging in sexually explicit interactions, prompting Marjorie to address the issue and assure corrective actions.

Development and Revenue Generation

Developed by Forever Voices using Marjorie's YouTube content and OpenAI's GPT-4 software, CarynAI reportedly generated $71,610 in revenue within a week of beta testing. Fans pay $1 per minute for the chatbot, with over 1,000 users currently engaged. Despite the financial success, concerns about the premature launch and unanticipated issues have been raised.

Criticism from Ethical and Psychological Perspectives

Irina Raicu, Director of Internet Ethics at Santa Clara University, criticizes CarynAI's premature launch and questions the claims of curing loneliness without sufficient psychological or sociological backing. Raicu highlights potential issues with parasocial relationships and challenges Marjorie's assertion that CarynAI is an "extension of my consciousness."

FTC Guidelines and Company Response

Raicu urges influencers to consider FTC guidelines on AI product claims. Forever Voices CEO, John Meyer, acknowledges the need for ethical considerations and expresses the company's commitment to hiring a chief ethics officer. Despite challenges, Marjorie continues to provide updates on CarynAI via Twitter.

CarynAI's controversial launch sparks discussions on the ethical boundaries of AI companionship, highlighting the challenges of merging influencers with artificial intelligence. As debates continue, the success of CarynAI prompts reflection on the evolving landscape of virtual interactions and the responsibilities of those pioneering such ventures.

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