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Machi Big Brother's Cryptic Moves in the $APE Arena


The Airdrop Dilemma: Machi's Quest for More

Machi Big Brother's apparent dissatisfaction with the $BLUR airdrop sparks curiosity.

The $APE Accumulation: A Strategic Investment

From August 2 to November 14, Machi strategically acquires 6.08M $APE, totalling $13M.

The Numbers Game: Decoding Machi's Investment Strategy

Analyzing Machi's $APE journey, the average buying price hovers around $2.13.

The Silence Since Nov 14: A Strategic Pause?

Curiously, Machi has abstained from $APE purchases since November 14. What's the strategy behind this pause?

In the intriguing world of cryptocurrencies, Machi Big Brother's moves in the $APE market raise questions. His shift from the $BLUR airdrop to a substantial investment in $APE has caught the attention of keen observers. Between August 2 and November 14, Machi strategically acquired a substantial 6.08M $APE, amounting to $13M. A closer look at the numbers reveals an average buying price of approximately $2.13. However, what adds to the mystery is Machi's decision to halt $APE purchases since November 14. Is this a calculated move or a sign of caution in the volatile crypto landscape? The answers lie in the strategic mind of Machi Big Brother, whose every move seems to be a cryptic dance in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.

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