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Machi Big Brother: “FXXK”! BLUR Season 2 Airdrop Opens for Claiming, Coin Price Plummets by 13%!


Today (the 21st), Blur announced the conclusion of the Season 2 airdrop, totaling an airdrop of 300 million $BLUR tokens! Blur stated that eligible users will have 45 days to claim the airdrop.

Blur's performance in Q2

Summarising the achievements of Q2, including becoming the top-ranked Ethereum NFT marketplace protocol, with a trading volume of $6.1 billion, attracting 260,165 unique users, and an average market share of 65%. However, OpenSea still has more traders than Blur.

(Source: NFTGO)

Compared to Q1

However, following the airdrop claim this time, the price of $BLUR plummeted by over 13% within 2 hours, hitting a low of $0.2926, not matching the performance of the first quarter's airdrop, where the token reached a high of around $1.3 in market value.

Machi Big Brother: "FXXK"

Taiwanese celebrity and NFT player, 'Machi Big Brother,' once sat on top of the leaderboard, has lashed out at Blur and its founder Pacman again since he lost over $14 million in the season 2 airdrops.

According to the data compiled by the online monitoring account Lookonchain on the status of the Blur Season 2 airdrop claims, Machi Big Brother received 6 million BLUR tokens (worth $1.9 million), ranking fifth. The top claimant is NFT collector Hanwe (@HanweChang), who has claimed 22.85 million BLUR tokens (worth $7.26 million).

Season 3 Airdrop Begins

After the conclusion of the second season airdrop, Blur's official announcement promptly launched the third season's reward airdrop, expected to run until May 2024. For this season, rewards will be based on L2 Blast, supported by Paradigm and Standard Crypto.

And season 3 introduces the 'Holder Points' mechanism. Details can be found here.

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