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Pay Zero Taxes on Your Crypto Gains

Developed to allow an individual to exchange their Bitcoin or Ethereum to U.S. dollars while bypassing capital gains tax, providing tax-free growth for investments held within the Trust and receiving an income tax deduction, The Salvation Army’s Crypto Coin Trust (CCT) [a.k.a. Charitable Remainder Trust] helps the individual and their family as well as their community.

The Salvation Army’s CCT has helped thousands of people exchange highly appreciated assets like stock and real estate into liquid assets that produce a secure income stream while minimizing taxation.  Now, this tool can be used for your Bitcoin and Ethereum assets.

“It is as simple as exchanging your Bitcoin for U.S. dollars to fund the tax-exempt CCT.  No capital gains tax is paid by U.S. citizens during the exchange. The CCT provides lifetime income to you and your family.  After all lifetimes, the remainder is transferred to The Salvation Army to help those with the most need in your community. Contact us for your free booklet on our new Crypto Coin Trust,” Jeff Hesseltine, Territorial Gift Planning Director, The Salvation Army Western Territory.

“For example, ten years ago at age 35, an individual bought $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.  Today at age 45 it’s worth $100,000.  They exchanged their Bitcoin to fund a 5% payout CCT, paid no capital gain tax, received a $22,000 income tax deduction, and $5,000 in annual income that can grow over time as the principal grows tax-free within the Trust. They can also add any type of asset to the CCT in the future to help it grow,” says Hesseltine.

The Salvation Army, is an international organization that began in 1865, providing services and support to those in need across the world.  In 2021, The Salvation Army provided meals, housing, disaster assistance, job training, day care, and addiction programs to over 30,000,000 Americans. See 2021 Annual Report.  You can impact others while you and your family leverage your assets using the CCT!

Contact Jeff Hesseltine at (800) 298-6532 or [email protected] for your free booklet “Crypto Coin Trust.”


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