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How Gnox (GNOX) Is Battling “Bitcoin Is Dead” Search Results Within Google And Why Solana (SOL) Or Shiba Inu (SHIB) May Be Better Investment Options

There’s a lot of discussion in the crypto world right now about whether Bitcoin is finished or not. As the biggest and first crypto to go mainstream, Bitcoin has often been a bell-weather indicator for the crypto scene, and it still gets the most attention and press by a huge margin. Many are saying that Bitcoin isn’t really the future of digital finance, it might have been the first—but it isn’t the best. These Bitcoin bears say that real usability and a range of other issues associated with Bitcoin have been solved by other crypto projects, and that Bitcoin will not be the biggest player in town for the next generation of the crypto boom.

Whether this is the case or not, remains to be seen. And it’s crucial to remember that while there are plenty of people saying it’s over for Bitcoin—there’s also plenty arguing the complete opposite. People still talk of a $100k Bitcoin, and think the industry giant is here to stay. While we think there’ll always be a place for BTC in portfolios, it isn’t necessarily the best project in crypto right now.

And it’s also important to look at other coins that have had some success recently. While much of the crypto market moves with BTC (some coins either move up or down with BTC), some have really been showing their strength in recent weeks by continuing to perform well despite BTC’s own struggles. These coins are perfectly poised to be part of crypto’s move into a new generation and a brighter future. They don’t rely on Bitcoin, they thrive despite it. And they are the future of crypto.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox has surged over 60% in recent weeks, despite Bitcoin’s struggles. This is one coin that certainly doesn’t need the overall market to be in good shape. And it’s also the perfect option for those who want real passive income returns from their crypto holdings without having to worry about things like staking. With Gnox, everything is taken care of on behalf of holders, they just get real passive income thanks to Yield Farming as a Service. And it’s in the perfect position to help revolutionalize investment opportunities for those regular investors who might previously have been reluctant to get involved in DeFi.

Solana (SOL)

As the crypto scene moves forward, it needs crypto projects that answer some of the issues that have plagued bigger projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin. And one of these issues is speed. To become truly usable, transactions need to be faster. And that’s why Solana could be the perfect answer. It’s the fastest blockchain ecosystem around and is already home to tons of projects. Industry experts expect Solana will become an even more important part of the crypto ecosystem in the future, so it could be the perfect investment right now.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba has also been getting plenty of attention recently. Users can now enjoy passive earnings with their SHIB tokens. There have also been an increase in token burns to help reduce supply. Some experts are predicting that SHIBA could have an even brighter future than Bitcoin and has the potential to pump in price once more.

We think GNOX, SOL and SHIB could all be great additions to your portfolio. They’ve all got the potential to go onto bigger things than Bitcoin.

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