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DecentWorld Launches Secondary Market – NFT Trading is Now Easier Than Ever

ZUG, Switzerland – June 30, 2022: Steady delivery. That could be said about DecentWorld, Swiss digital real estate metaverse,  plans and releases for this year. To enable further trading and provide even more value to its users, DecentWorld have launched their Secondary Market – a much anticipated addition to the platform that enables members to place bids on other user Assets and sell their own digital real estate NFTs. For those who did not make it in time for the initial drop, it represents the opportunity to purchase their desired NFT Assets directly from other users.

June has been packed with major launches for DecentWorld. Within a week after launching Collections, nearly a thousand Street NFTs were purchased equaling to $5 million in worth, and 75 Collections were fully assembled and staked to now generate up to 50% yield to their owners. Currently, the total number of virtual Streets purchased amounts to 4,400 NFTs – almost double what it was two months ago.

Collections are themed sets of Street NFTs that serve as a tool for generating yield. Whilst the Collections were the platform’s most-awaited feature, its full potential could not have been imagined without the Secondary Market – bidding and selling Street NFTs on their own time at their preferred price. This step completes a significant sprint for the platform’s creators.

An Additional Way to Generate Yield

Up until mid-June, DecentWorld users were only able to explore the project’s main feature⁠—its geo-based Map with 18.5 million digital Streets, all copies of their real-world counterparts. The introduction of Collections, giving users the chance to generate yield by assembling and staking Streets, changed the game. Aside from more than 700 Basic level Streets sold, 23 exclusive Elite level Assets were purchased for a whopping $4.7 million dollars.

Now, the DecentWorld team has bestowed an additional opportunity upon users of the platform: the chance to focus on personal trading and benefit from rare Street NFT sales, all whilst interacting with other users on the Secondary Market.

“Free market is essentially what we seek to build within our platform. We also want to enable our users to utilize their Assets even more. For example, those who are still deciding whether to lock their Street NFTs via staking can now make their Assets work for them in other ways. Let’s say you have acquired an exclusive Street NFT that is a part of the Paris Unique Collection. Another user who might be on the hunt for it will now be able to purchase it from you. The value of that Street immediately becomes higher than what you originally paid”, the DecentWorld team explained.

The more exclusive a Street is, the more Collections it is featured on, the higher demand there can be for it on the Secondary Market. Platform’s creators note that the same logic will be applied to completed Collections that will soon serve as standalone NFTs.

A Second Chance for Late Bidders

There is good news for those who were not able to hop in during the first Collection drop, as they will be able to get involved during the second⁠—indeed, the DecentWorld team has confirmed that Collections will be updated with new cities during each quarter.

In the meantime, users can scout out the goods being sold by other members of the DecentWorld community, bid for their desired Assets, and prepare for the next drop by purchasing more Street NFTs in other potential locations.

“We made the decision to launch the Secondary Market this soon because we want to have a lively market, and users that are excited for further releases, eager to achieve more. This way we allow our users to interact with each other whilst scouting for the Assets, as well as to benefit from those interactions”, the creators shared.

DecentWorld plans to continuously introduce more attractive features to keep its audience entertained. The project map is packed with new releases scheduled for this year. Such releases will see: the opening of the first DecentWorld 3D environment – Downtown Dubai decked with a multiplayer and interactive messaging channels; 3D Building NFT sales, and much more.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built using blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to purchase and trade virtual Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed Collections provide additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state-of-the-art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

To fully explore our metaverse, please visit www.decentworld.com.
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