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Meta Restructures Responsible AI Team Amid Growing Concerns

21/11 07:19
According to Decrypt, Meta is restructuring its Responsible AI team, reflecting a strategic shift in its approach to artificial intelligence development. The move, first reported by The Information, aims to take a distributed approach amid a landscape where the role of AI in society is increasingly scrutinized. Meta is integrating its Responsible AI team members into separate divisions across the company, embedding AI safety considerations more directly into the development of core products and technologies. The impact of generative AI has raised alarms worldwide, with concerns ranging from privacy issues to potential AI misuse. Meta assured that its decision to disperse its Responsible AI team does not mean the company is abandoning responsible AI development. David Evan Harris, a former researcher at Meta, has raised alarms about the potential misuse of AI technologies, including housing discrimination, racist associations, and gender-based job listing exclusions. This restructuring coincides with Meta's initiative to streamline operations as part of its “year of efficiency,” as termed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The move is seen as a response to the increasing importance of generative AI tools in tech, a sector in which Meta has been investing heavily. Meta recently rolled out generative AI tools for advertisers and has a portfolio that includes the open source large language model Llama 2, a text-to-video generator, an inpaint tool, and a new AI assistant, with rumors of an upcoming Llama 3 next year.