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Kenyan officials: The United States prevented them from detaining Worldcoin CEO and other top executives

19/09 21:58
Odaily Planet Daily News Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Minister Kithure Kindiki claimed that U.S. authorities prevented the country from detaining several U.S. citizens who serve as executives of the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin. A spokesperson for Worldcoin’s parent company confirmed to local media Nation that Worldcoin co-founder and CEO Alex Blania and its chief legal counsel Thomas Scott were among the people arrested by Kenyan authorities at Nairobi Airport. It is reported that Kenya decided to ban the operation of the Worldcoin project on August 2 and established an independent committee to investigate its impact. During the committee hearing, Kindiki said the United States prevented authorities from detaining the men because Blania, Scott and other Worldcoin executives had not yet been "found guilty." (Protos)