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Planet Evening News

19/09 19:30
1. Hong Kong police: 8 people have been arrested in connection with the JPEX case. The JPEX crackdown found 8 million yuan in cash and froze more than 12 million yuan in bank deposits and 44 million yuan in properties; 2. Officials of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission: JPEX has been listed as an unlicensed company and suspicious website in July 2022, and the public has been reminded; 3. Thailand plans to tax cryptocurrency traders’ overseas income; 4. FTX sued SBF’s parents, demanding the recovery of “misappropriated funds”; 5. Monetary Authority of Singapore: Enforcement priorities for this year and next include strengthening the ability to address misconduct in the digital asset field; 6. Tether prints an additional 1 billion USDT on the TRON network (authorized but not issued); 7. Laser Digital, a subsidiary of Nomura Securities, launches Bitcoin Adoption Fund for institutions; 8. Starknet: The Starknet Feeder gateway will be changed in Q4, and developers are recommended to switch to API services or full nodes at that time; 9. CoinEx: More than 80% of the wallet system reconstruction work has been completed and the withdrawal function is being launched; 10. Binance BETH deposits have inflows of US$573 million this month, with three large inflows exceeding US$400 million; 11. A whale address that has been dormant for two years once again transferred 10,000 ETH. Four days ago, it transferred 10,000 ETH and deposited it into CEX; 12. friend.tech has added a watchlist function, which allows you to follow other users before purchasing “Keys”; 13. Yat Siu appealed to Vitalik: He is willing to issue air tickets and serve as his tour guide to Hong Kong to showcase the local Web3 ecology; 14. Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 5.48% to 57.12T; 15. DWF Labs deposited 1,000 SPELL to Binance as a test, and SPELL rose by nearly 17% in a short period of time; 16. Aztec will adopt the sequencer solution Fernet, allowing anyone to participate in building blocks and operating the network.