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Former Chief Strategy Officer of Alibaba: AGI and cryptocurrency are a match made in heaven, and AGI will create a large number of new digital assets

19/09 13:11
Odaily Planet Daily News At the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week·Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory, Zeng Ming, former chief strategy officer of Alibaba, delivered a keynote speech "The future of Web3?" ”, Zeng Ming believes that cryptocurrency is an innovation in production relations that promotes collaboration and cooperation as well as the transaction and circulation of assets. In addition, Zeng Ming said that the digitization of traditional assets has not gone as smoothly as expected because the value created is not great, but the cost is high. Zeng Ming believes that the entire cryptocurrency field needs innovation and new digital assets need to be created, and there may be three ways for new digital assets. The first way is continuous innovation in the financial field, including the development of Bitcoin; the second way is to differentiate The blockchain itself can still achieve technological innovation in the financial field, such as international payments; in addition, we look forward to breakthroughs in new applications such as gaming and social networking; the third approach is AGI (artificial general intelligence). Zeng Ming believes that AGI and cryptocurrency are a natural match. , Cryptocurrency is a revolution in production relations, and AGI is a technological breakthrough in productivity. AGI will create a large number of new digital assets.