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Opinion: Europe is taking U.S. crypto market share

18/09 10:22
Odaily Planet Daily News Lars Christensen, CEO of Switzerland's Seier Capital, said: "Europe 'has not been good at eating America's lunch for many years,' but a series of moves this summer show that clear regulation is a major competitive advantage. DealBook's Data shows that in 2022, Europe surpassed the United States to become the main birthplace of digital asset startups, with a total of 3,977 launches, compared with 3,357 in the United States. Even in the financing field, where the United States still dominates, the amount of venture capital investment in European startups has grown It fell 14%, compared with a 4% decline in the United States during the same period." Although the SEC is concerned that spot ETFs are vulnerable to market manipulation, Christensen said the debate is not as heated in Europe. (Decrypt)