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Steven Nerayoff Confronts Fraud Accusations and Maps Out Legal Strategy


Steven Nerayoff, an early Ethereum advisor, has responded to allegations of fraud surfacing on social media.

The accusations, originating from a post by Cryptoking on platform X, claim financial exploitation.

Despite the defamatory nature of the accusation, Nerayoff staunchly denies the claims, dismissing them as "very libelous" and entirely baseless.

Unearthing the Accusation

Jake Greenbaum, aka Cryptoking, brought attention to the issue almost four months after posting it.

The catalyst was a discussion on another thread, sparked by @Whalechart's revelation of Nerayoff's intent to expose fraudulent activities of Ethereum founders. Cryptoking, however, challenges Nerayoff's credibility, branding him as the most significant fraud he has encountered.

Cryptoking alleges, "He took $250,000 from me to 'list' a project on Bittrex," citing text messages dating back to 2017.

Legal Threats and Counterclaims

Nerayoff responds assertively, accusing Cryptoking of being a paid provocateur aiming to tarnish his reputation.

Threatening legal action, Nerayoff vows to reveal evidence of Cryptoking's fraudulent activities. "I don't just play on Twitter; I like courts," he asserts.

The attorney subsequently shares Cryptoking's original post on his timeline, wherein the latter narrates the failure of his initial crypto project, attributing it to payments made to Nerayoff.

Cryptoking's Allegations

Cryptoking claims Nerayoff exploited new projects, receiving listing fees while inadequately fulfilling commitments.

He links Nerayoff's actions to criminal extortion charges, for which the attorney was arrested. Notably, these charges were dismissed by a US Judge, as federal prosecutors failed to substantiate them. Nerayoff maintains that the charges were a concoction by the SEC, FBI, and the DOJ to discredit him.

Legal Response and Future Plans

In light of these developments, Nerayoff announces his intent to pursue legal action against Cryptoking for disseminating false information.

Additionally, he issues a warning against spreading lies about him. Despite the controversy, Nerayoff remains dedicated to advancing "Crypto 2.0," a vision he describes as a reboot of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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