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Proving Humanity: OpenChat Partners with Modclub for Facial Recognition Test

Decentralized chat app OpenChat, operating on the Internet Computer blockchain, aims to enhance social media discourse by exploring ways to ensure users are uniquely human. The platform, boasting over 100,000 users, collaborates with Modclub for content moderation and plans to trial facial recognition to establish a "proof of unique humanity" system.

OpenChat co-founder Matt Grogan stressed the challenge of confirming singular identities in the digital realm. He acknowledged traditional proof of humanity but emphasised the significance of addressing the issue of users creating multiple accounts. Grogan believes this approach could curb exploitative activities like token farming and airdrop manipulation.

While the platform has integrated Modclub for content moderation, Grogan clarified that OpenChat won't mandate all users to undergo identity verification. The facial recognition trial's details are still being finalised, but Grogan hinted at potential future uses, such as eligibility criteria for airdrops and reputation building within the platform.

A Departure from Traditional Social Media Challenges

Unlike mainstream social media using email IDs and usernames, OpenChat employs crypto addresses and NFTs for authentication and monetization. This shift aims to tackle the challenge of toxicity and anonymity prevalent on platforms like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), where users operate multiple accounts and bots, contributing to illicit behaviour and toxic discussions.

Modclub's partnership with OpenChat involves a content reporting system. Users can report rule violations to Modclub's moderators, who will review and make decisions on content removal. This collaboration signals a departure from OpenChat's previous reliance on community leaders for moderation, now outsourcing it to Modclub, which compensates moderators with crypto incentives.

Beyond content moderation, OpenChat incentivises virtuous discourse by rewarding users with tokens. The platform's focus on fostering a reputation system aligns with its broader goal of promoting positive engagement and discouraging toxic behaviours within its decentralized community.

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