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OneSpan Introduces Trust Vault: A Quantum-Safe Blockchain Storage Solution

OneSpan, a digital agreements security firm, has revealed a groundbreaking addition to its e-signature solution, OneSpan Sign. Termed Trust Vault, this innovation aims to enhance document provenance protection against evolving security threats.

Trust Vault: OneSpan's Quantum-Safe Blockchain Storage Solution for Ensuring Long-Term Document Integrity

Trust Vault, the latest offering from OneSpan, ensures the integrity and enduring viability of documents by employing immutable storage based on blockchain technology throughout their lifecycle. Amidst recent advancements in AI and the ascent of quantum computing, the vulnerability of digital agreements is apparent. Existing e-signature and general cloud storage solutions fail to ensure document authenticity over extended periods.

OneSpan's Trust Vault integrates traditional digital signatures with blockchain technology to establish quantum-safe proofs. These transactions provide evidence of digital agreements' origin date and integrity, independent of private keys susceptible to leaks or hacks. This capability positions Trust Vault as a leading solution, offering long-term authentication for valuable agreements and transactions.

Moynahan Emphasises Trust Vault's Role in Securing Digital Transactions Amid Quantum Era

Matthew Moynahan, OneSpan's President and CEO, emphasised the importance of secure digital transactions, especially as businesses approach the era of quantum computing. Trust Vault, with its blockchain foundation, stands out as a decentralised digital storage solution, extending trust beyond OneSpan. It caters to various industries, assisting organisations in meeting compliance, regulatory, and chain of custody requirements.

Key features of Trust Vault include an irrefutable origin date, an end-to-end audit trail, robust tamper detection and prevention, and automated workflows. The platform ensures certainty about a document's creation date, and compliance with regulatory requirements, and safeguards against tampering, reducing human errors and saving time in the signing and storage processes.

Earlier this year, OneSpan acquired ProvenDB, broadening its digital agreement offerings and incorporating secure storage capabilities. The integration of Trust Vault into the portfolio signifies OneSpan's commitment to addressing evolving customer needs in ensuring the highest levels of assurance for digital agreements.

Christian Hasker, CMO at Swirlds Labs, expressed excitement about the integration of Trust Vault into the OneSpan portfolio. He believes that OneSpan Sign combined with Trust Vault will set a new standard for individuals and enterprises relying on the long-term viability and integrity of digital agreements and e-signatures.

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