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Magic Eden Teams Up with GAM3S.gg for Free Mint at GAM3 Awards

In an intriguing alliance, renowned NFT marketplace Magic Eden has joined forces with GAM3S.gg to introduce an exclusive perk for voters at the upcoming GAM3 Awards. This collaboration offers participants a chance for a complimentary key mint during the event. The mint boasts enticing benefits, including raffles for gaming NFTs, traditional gaming prizes, early access to future mints, and exclusive quests.

Participation Guidelines Unveiled

To partake in this unique opportunity, participants can secure a whitelist (WL) spot by actively nominating and voting for their preferred creators and games. Nominations are presently open, and the voting phase is set to kick off on November 22nd. Both processes, nominations and voting, will conclude on December 14th, aligning with the awards show.

GAM3 Awards Overview

Now in its second year, the GAM3 Awards aims to showcase excellence in web3 gaming. The event, scheduled for December 14th, will acknowledge achievements in expanded categories such as Fighting, Racing, Sports, and On-Chain games.

A panel of over 60 industry experts within the web3 gaming sector forms the jury, wielding substantial influence in determining the finalists. Their collective vote holds a weightage of 90%, while community votes contribute the remaining 10%. Certain categories, including the People's Choice Award and Best Content Creator, exclusively rely on community voting.

The awards' evaluation process is rigorous, considering only games with a playable version for nomination. The timeline spans from October 26th to December 14th, encompassing three phases: Nominations, Jury Shortlisting, and Final Voting.

With its comprehensive and inclusive approach, the awards show stands out as a celebration of achievements in the web3 gaming space. It actively encourages engagement from the gaming community, solidifying its status as a distinctive and eagerly anticipated event in the gaming calendar.

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