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The Age of Gangs: Brand New P2E Game or Anti-crisis Project?

Or is it both?

“GENTLEMEN ALSO KNOW HOW TO FIGHT” — this is the tagline of a new dynamic P2E team game with metaverse integration.

It invites you to plunge into the brawler game set on the grim streets of the once-swell London of the future with gangs at the helm. Will it feel just like in old good Guy Ritchie’s movies? We are about to try and tell you. Or are you going to be first?

But among giving you a chance to feel like a real thug, the TAOG team is ready to provide some incredible perks and undoubtful advants that can DE-FI-NITELY push this ambitious project on top of the genre.

So what did the founders prepare for the first round of the Mint, which is going to be released on the largest marketplace — Binance NFT?

By the way, the release of the limited NFT collection of 2,000 NFTs on the BSC blockchain is already about to start on the 4th of July and will last only 5 days. And what is the most important — purchased NFT gangster will be your access ticket to the game!

It’s already known that there are going to be 3 rounds of sale and the total supply of the gangsters’ NFT collection is 9,000.

First of all, unlike the most similar projects, the TAOG team managed to develop a demo version of the game before the first round of NFT sales with the help of the team’s fund. Thus it’s not just a scope of screenshots and digital artworks as we used to previously see on the P2E and NFT market. It will be soon available for testing to the discord OG holders only. But there is also another way to try it: just become a member of “Best Homies” — the closed private community exclusively for Twitter lovers, the analog of discord OG.

The setting of the collection and the game takes us to the streets of London 30 years later, mired in anarchy and lawlessness, where mafia gangs rule the city. To become the best, you will have to gather your gang bit by bit and fight to the top of dominance in the city.

Built on the Unity engine, the game is a PvE/PvP third-person team brawler.

Two characters with unique skins in the demo and 12 in the final version will be available for the players to fight. Users will be able to take part in PvP duels in the big arena, complete PvE quests, trade, recruit new members to their gangs, and expand their territories. The game will be released both on PC and Android/iOS mobile platforms.

Another outstanding utility is that all early TAOG adopters will have access to staking their NFTs before others.

In addition, you can also lease your NFTs to the newcomers, which is also an additional income.

The upcoming mint will include 2,000 unique mobster skins made up of 5 random parts: torso, head, costume, weapons, and accessories. The collection has a three-level rarity. The limited supply is offered for a relatively low floor price — only 89$ each. The proceeds from the mint will be aimed at further development. All subsequent rounds of mints imply an increase in the price of the sale.

One more useful utility concerns an extensive in-game marketplace with its inner currency, where you can buy everything necessary for the game:

  • Resources for staking
  • New NFTs (and also trade old ones).
  • Secret boxes (for a fixed price you receive a box with unknown perks!)
  • Game items
  • Skins for game characters.

Before the upcoming mint, founders are about to hold several AMA sessions, one of which will be carried out tomorrow. At the moment, the team is actively sharing details about the game, dropping sneak peeks on their Twitter and Discord, and conducting some mass events and contests for the community to elicit the most active to let them try themselves in a test flight. But they have to be really engaged to obtain an OG or “Best Homies” in the Discord or Twitter communities accordingly first.

Another incredible opportunity for early adopters includes a chance to be a part of The Age of Gangs Ambassador Program featuring a generous exclusive reward system and to spread the word about upcoming events, product launches, and games.

Prepare for a challenge:

While the world is steeped in anarchy, London is run by competing gangs ushering in a new era of fear and lawlessness. Hungry to rise the ranks and seize control of the city, you join a gang with the intention of climbing the ladder to the top. But along the way are challenges to overcome in defeating rival gangs.

The new age is coming…The Age of Gangs!


Website https://theageofgangs.io/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheAgeOfGangs
Discord https://discord.gg/theageofgangs
Binance NFT page https://www.binance.com/en/nft/collection/the-age-of-gangs-592236979815751680


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