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Taking 5 NFT projects as an example to analyze trading strategies: Utility’s landing price has fallen, and expectations are conducive to price increases

Author: NFT God

Source: Twitter

In the operation of many NFT projects, we will find a very interesting phenomenon: the announcement of the utility (Utility) of NFT will often destroy the project, causing the price of NFT to fall, and hinting investors about the utility of NFT. More valuable.

It can be seen that for NFT enthusiasts and investors, looking for NFT projects that know how to take advantage of expectations is a very good strategy.

The following five projects have successfully used expectations to drive up the floor price of NFT, and we will analyze them one by one:

• Moonbirds

• Goblintown

• Other Deeds


• Chimpers


Moonbirds built a whole project around anticipation.

Build a nest for your little bird and you will keep getting unknown rewards.

There's always something mysterious about to come.

This strategy increased the price of the Moonbirds NFT from 3 ETH to over 40 ETH.

Lesson learned: keep it simple, manage expectations



Goblintown uses mystery to fuel player anticipation.

Goblintown has hosted many interesting Twitter Spaces, the extraordinary art and the team's self-deprecation have brought unprecedented hype and a floor price of 9ETH.

Self-deprecation leads to hype, and hype leads to sales.

Lesson: Look for NFT projects that know how to use mystery.


Yuga also kept expectations in mind when creating Otherside.

A combination of 100,000 plots, millions of resources and Kodas.

Since the use of these resources was not announced, a lot of speculation was brought about, and the trading volume was almost crazy.

Experience: Bet on those items that do not fully reveal the hole cards.



The anticipation of Nike immediately made RTFKT a blue-chip NFT.

Speculation surrounding partnerships, airdrops, and physical objects sent the entire ecosystem skyrocketing.

Lesson learned: Partnerships = expectations.

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Chimpers uses narrative to fuel wild anticipation.

By releasing eBook pages slowly, the community is constantly guessing about the meaning behind this.

The Chimpers Universe will also be headed to a "dojo" (dojo), making the future of this project full of possibilities.

Lesson: Focus on the narrative.


The above projects have successfully used user expectations to increase the floor price of the project. Now we know that for a project, the expectation of utility is more valuable than the implementation of utility. If the project directly announces the utility, it will often lead to a drop in the floor price. Giving users some suspense and anticipation will attract more attention instead.

We can use the above methods when researching NFT projects, so as to find profitable projects more effectively and accurately.

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