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Over 400 People Attended the First-Ever Ordinals Summit 2023; Surprise Appearance by Bitcoin Ordinals’ Creator

On September 12, the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay in Singapore hosted the first-ever Ordinals Summit 2023, gathering over 400 participants from across the globe.

The event, spanning a single day, featured seven panel sessions, four keynotes, and a closing fireside chat.

Leading experts, industry figures, developers, investors, artists, and collectors in the Ordinals space came together to discuss topics including Ordinals space updates, Bitcoin BUIDL culture, and investment opportunities and challenges.

The Ordinals Summit 2023 included speakers like Udi Wertheimer, creator of Taproot Wizards in the Ordinals collection; Domo, the creator of the BRC-20 Protocol; Erin Redwing, COO of Ordinals Protocol; Raph, Lead Maintainer of Ordinals Protocol, among others.

The event also featured a surprise appearance by Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals.

Casey Rodarmor, Creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, during the Fireside Chat

Event attendees had the chance to explore a crypto art exhibition, curated by Crypto Art Week Asia, which showcased digital artworks by various artists such as radarboy3000, Takens Theorem, Rudxane, Chainleft, Ting Song, and more.

Additionally, Ordinals Summit 2023 introduced an immersive 3D virtual gallery on N3WBS Gallery, designed exclusively for the Ordinals community.

Despite the prolonged crypto market conditions, Ordinals Summit 2023 attracted a diverse crowd and secured sponsorship from notable brands including Ordzaar, Coin98, AWS, Horizen Labs, LG, NeoSwap, OKX, Recursive Doodinals (RCSV), and UniSat.

Key Announcements:

U-Zyn Chua, Co-Founder and Lead Researcher of Ordzaar, introduced the Honor-Based Creators Royalty feature aimed at promoting sustainability and rewarding long-term vision within the Ordinals builder ecosystem. Ordzaar, known for offering 0% fees on secondary trading and a creators launchpad, is pioneering this innovative approach to benefit creators who demonstrate a commitment to long-term growth.

Coin98's Founder, Thanh Le, presented the Bitcoin Wallet by Coin98, emphasising its safety and user-centric design for self-custody BTC storage. This next-gen Bitcoin wallet extends its capabilities to the Ordinals space, enabling users to have greater control over their digital assets and experience the future of digital finance.

Neoswap, an AI-powered economic engine, announced its collaboration with Ordzaar to host an Ordinals smart auction. This unique auction format ensures buyers can bid freely on their desired Ordinals without concerns of overspending.

RCSV, a community-designed collection of recursive arts, unveiled its BRC-420 protocol in two parts: 'Metaverse Standards' and 'Inscription Royalties.' These standards facilitate open-source content availability, enhancing interoperability across various games and blockchain environments.

More photos of the event can be downloaded here.

For more information on Ordinals Summit 2023, please visit: https://ordsummit.com/


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