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God Hates NFTs rely on "plagiarism" for 4 days to become gods

The crowd protesting outside the NFT.NYC venue on June 20

On June 20th, the NFT.NYC event, which was hailed by Coinbase as the "Super Bowl of the NFT World", was grandly opened in New York, and countless NFT players from all over the world came to "pilgrimage". Outside the venue, however, a group of "malicious" protesters were gathering. They held a variety of protest signs, the largest and most eye-catching of which was "GOD HATES NFTS (God hates NFT)".

The incident didn't have a bad impact, but someone immediately realized that this was a great opportunity to be hyped.

First Tweet of God Hates NFTs

Just 2 days later, on June 22, an NFT project called God Hates NFTs announced on Twitter that it would make these characters at the scene of the protest into an NFT series, claiming that "just for the culture (just for culture) ", and its "hype" road has just begun.


• God Hates NFTs is an NFT series based on the characters protesting at the NFT.NYC scene. It was released on June 30 in the form of Free Mint, with a total of 5,022. The floor price once soared to around 1.8 ETH.

• The background of the NFT market in a bear market makes it easy for everyone to resonate with the view of "God Hates NFTs". The unique 4chan meme culture of the God Hates NFTs community is very easy to spread. They can even use the number 69 to encourage its holders to put their The NFT pending order is at 69 ETH, which has achieved lock-up to some extent.

• Founder SrPeters frequently mobilizes everyone in the Discord community to leave messages in the Twitter comment area of some well-known KOLs to promote and preach their projects. Under his call, Sandbox bought 19 NFTs at a high price, including 2 Sold at the highest price in the series.

• Many aspects such as character images and publicity content may be suspected of plagiarizing the well-known animation "Rick and Morty"; the roadmap style is also suspected of plagiarizing the NFT project For The Culture, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the latter's founder Sibel; The idea of "GOD HATES NFTS" is also plagiarized. Copyright and plagiarism issues made it highly controversial and sparked discussion.

• The "Mr. Banana" system under development will raise funds by selling "bananas" in the future, and at the same time add part of the transaction royalties contributed by the team, use these funds to purchase BAYC, and reward these BAYC in the form of lottery Holders of its NFT. At the same time, this "banana" will be combined with the original series to generate a second-generation new series with a total of 10,044 pieces.

meme culture

It can be said that a large part of the reason why God Hates NFTs can explode is due to the peculiar community culture behind it. "God hates NFT" has aroused everyone's resonance. The 4chan culture allows its community members to spontaneously create meme pictures to share. In the end, a "viral" spread was formed.

vibes in a bear market

God Hates NFTs NFTs are based on the characters at the scene of the protest

In the beginning, the “God Hates NFTs” tagline of this “protest” resonated with everyone. In the context of the current bear market in the encryption market and the NFT market, these slogans make people think about the meaning behind NFT and the future prospects.

Many NFT players are in a state of loss after entering this market. They love and hate NFT. At this time, the view of "God also hates NFT" has its unique black humor, which resonates with many people in the bear market. .

4chan meme

In 2001, Japan's most well-known online community 2ch (2-channel, two channels) was facing closure, and some users from 2ch founded 2chan (Futaba Channel) as a temporary refuge. Later, 2chan developed into a sticker forum centered on discussions about ACG and otaku culture.

In 2003, a New York boy named moot established 4chan, an English-speaking community, following the model of 2chan. This community has contributed a large number of pop culture symbols, and the famous "Rage Manga" came from here.

The biggest feature of 4chan is "freedom" and "political incorrectness", where people speak freely and output their own strange opinions.

Large number of holders place their NFT pending orders at 69 ETH

The God Hates NFTs community is full of "non-mainstream" views and adult content. Its founder, SrPeters, even used the number 69 to encourage its holders to put their NFT orders at 69 ETH.

Among the total 5,022 NFTs, 2,373 of them are pending orders, of which 1,885 are pending orders at 69 ETH, accounting for 79.43% of the total pending orders.

There is not even a need to launch a lock-up system or use contracts to force holders. The unique God Hates NFTs achieve lock-up in a sense only by community culture.

"Great heat"

Is there really a "big guy" behind the team?

About Gary Vee's Suspense Story Contest

On June 30, the founder SrPeters released a suspense story competition with the theme: "Why is the character behind Peters Gary Vee".

Gary Vee, whose full name is Gary Vaynerchuk, is the CEO of VaynerMedia and the founder of VeeFriends.

Once the announcement of the competition was released, it felt like "there is no silver three hundred taels here".

Gary Vee follows another project of the same name

Someone actually found "evidence" that Gary Vee was following another NFT project called GodHatesNFTsToo.wtf. They are all "God Hates NFTs", and the "rumor" that "the big man behind it is Gary Vee" has been rampant for a while, but until today there is no actual evidence to prove that they are directly connected.

Launch an "offensive" against KOL

SrPeters calls on everyone in the community to leave a message to KOL

“How strong is the God Hates NFTs community?” NFT KOL Hameer Hussain asked in a tweet.

“How to show him? Everybody go give him 20 comments until he has to sell his house and join us.”

Using this method of "getting popular" and "familiarity", members of the God Hates NFTs community, led by founder SrPeters, "harassed" many KOLs. Sandbox CEO Arthur Madrid is also on this "harassment list".

Win a key city - Sandbox is also in the game

SrPeters called on everyone in the community to leave a message for Sandbox CEO

At 21:39 p.m. on July 3, the announcement called on community members to leave a message to Sandbox CEO Arthur Madrid by means of lottery incentives.

Sandbox was declared "taken down"

Less than 2 hours later, Sandbox was declared "taken down". Transaction records show that The Sandbox Game’s official wallet bought 19 God Hates NFTs around 23:25, two of which were sold for 5.69 ETH and 3.69 ETH respectively, refreshing the highest transaction list of this NFT series.

Sandbox entry position

The news of Sandbox’s entry spread in various communities, making the market FOMO, and then the price soared all the way, from 0.45 ETH at the time to a maximum of 1.8 ETH.

"Plagiarism" scandal

For a while, God Hates NFTs exploded, but there were also many doubts.

Plagiarized Adam Bomb Squad's "God Hates NFT" idea?

Adam Bomb Squad's "protest"

In fact, the "protest" outside the NFT.NYC venue was a special flash mob event planned by the fashion brand The Hundreds for its NFT series Adam Bomb Squad, or a "fake protest".

Bobby denounces God Hates NFTs

Previously, Bobby Kim, the co-founder of the company, said in an interview with Ad Age on the day of the protest that the “protest” was to stimulate discussion on NFT and inject some vitality into the recently turbulent cryptocurrency and NFT markets.

But after God Hates NFTs exploded, Bobby finally couldn't sit still. He tweeted: "I have nothing to do with God Hates NFTs, but it stole our design, and their success should be attributed to us."

Copying For The Culture's road map style?

The current NFT market is full of various Free Mint projects, and "No Roadmap (no roadmap)" is no surprise. Similarly, God Hates NFTs is also a project that claims to have no road map, but it was once again questioned for plagiarism.

The roadmaps of the two projects are very similar

Sibel, founder of For The Culture, tweeted on July 3: "There is a project that directly steals our roadmap image (art) and our Opensea description and more content."

Comparing the roadmaps of these two projects, the words "There is No F**king ROADMAP" are strikingly similar to the style of graffiti. Even God Hates NFTs also used the slogan "For The Culture" when they were announced. It can be seen that "plagiarism "The denunciation is not groundless.

Plagiarized Rick and Morty style?

If you've ever seen an anime called Rick and Morty, it must have felt familiar when you saw Sneak Peak with God Hates NFTs, because they're drawn in the same style.

Both the promotional image and NFT are very similar to Rick and Morty's painting style

A netizen named. posted a tweet on Twitter questioning whether God Hates NFTs were authorized by Rick and Morty, but the response was blocked by the latter.

Previously, the well-known NFT project ProjectPXN was deeply involved in the "plagiarism" storm. The designs of many rare models were very similar to the characters in the anime. After the drawing was opened, the price was cut in half. Compensation holders were finally able to quell the accident.

So, are God Hates NFTs "plagiarism" or "tribute"?

"Mr. Banana" system

"Mr. Banana" system example diagram

The team announced that the "Mr. Banana" system is being developed to raise funds for all NFT holders to purchase "bananas" at a price of $20 per piece. Each NFT corresponds to a maximum of 2 "bananas", and the total amount of "bananas" is 10,044 There are two main functions in the follow-up:

1. BAYC lucky draw for holders

"Banana" will raise a total of 10,044 x 20 = 200,880 US dollars, which is about 183 ETH (calculated based on ETH/USD = 1100). At the same time, the God Hates NFTs project party said that it will take out about 50 ETH of transaction royalties, with a total of about 233 ETH Come and buy 3 BAYC for a lucky draw for all holders.

2. Generate the second-generation new series Bored Haters NFT Club

Holders can buy two "bananas", which can be combined with one God Hates NFT they hold to generate two Bored Haters NFT Club, which is equivalent to the second season of additional issuance, and the total number of Bored Haters NFT Club is also 10,044.


With its unique community culture, "viral" Meme, and KOL "hotness", God Hates NFTs quickly gained a foothold in the NFT market by relying on skilled hype and marketing techniques.

Facing the denunciation of "plagiarism", God Hates NFTs did not respond. It is well aware that the current NFT market is an "attention game". No matter whether the discussion on it is positive or negative, the most important thing is to maintain a continuous volume of voice. After all, it is just "For The Culture".

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