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Cointelegraph Chinese & CGV Research Vane | Weekly Report on Global Encryption Market Investment and Financing Trends (2022.6.27-7.3)

The number of users in the encryption market is decreasing sharply. Data shows that the number of DeFi daily active users has decreased by 80.54% from the highest point in May 2021. Judging from the statistics of this week (7 projects in total), the investment and financing of web3 infrastructure (3), Game (2), NFT (1) and DeFi (1) projects have decreased significantly. CGV and CTC have summarized the investment and financing information worth noting in the global encryption market for a week. The following is the investment and financing information of the global encryption market from June 20 to June 26, 2022:


1.Linera|Seed round financing of 6 million US dollars|a16z led the investment

On June 29, Linera announced the completion of a US$6 million seed round of financing, led by a16z, with participation from Cygni Capital, Kima Ventures, and Tribe Capital.

The Linera blockchain has properties such as low latency and linear scalability, and consists of shards or a single thread, adding additional validators to improve network efficiency, enabling most account-based operations to be performed in fractions of a second confirm.

2. MagicSquare|Seed round financing of US$3 million|Binance Labs led the investment

On July 1, the app store MagicSquare announced the completion of a US$3 million seed round of financing. This round of financing was led by Binance Labs, with participation from KuCoin Labs, GSR, IQProtocol, and Gravity Ventures.

Users can discover and experience various dapps, CeFi and DeFi, NFT, games, etc. in Magic Square.

3. AltLayer|Seed round financing of 7.2 million US dollars|Polychain Capital led the investment

On July 1, the Ethereum expansion project AltLayer completed a $7.2 million seed round of financing led by Polychain Capital, Jump Crypto and Breyer Capital, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, former Coinbase CTO and former a16z partner Balaji Srinivasan and others participated in the vote.

AltLayer is positioned as a dedicated chain for specific applications. This round of financing is raised through the Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT).


4. NFTEye|Seed round financing of US$1.65 million|Sky9 Capital led the investment

On June 30, NFTEye, an NFT analysis platform, announced the completion of a $1.65 million seed round of financing, led by Sky9 Capital, with participation from IMO Ventures, NGC Ventures, Smrti Lab, and Old Fashion Research (OFR). NFTEye stated that it will use the funds to expand its team and user base, as well as enhance its data infrastructure and provide multi-chain support.

NFTEye allows users to identify potential opportunities through popular minting data, trending favorites, blue chip indices and other core indicators and signals.

Original link: https://twitter.com/nfteye_io/status/1542189512956051456


5. Mech.com|Seed round financing of US$6 million|Shima Capital led the investment

On June 28, the NFT metaverse game Mech.com announced the completion of a $6 million seed round of financing, led by Shima Capital, Polygon, Big Brain, Anti Fund, Cryptology, Master Ventures, BreederDAO, MetaVest, Andromeda VC, Pulse Ventures and Gumi Ventures and others participated in the investment.

It is reported that Mech.com is developing a match-3 game, in which players can obtain "ore" and exchange their native Token FORGE. In addition, Mech.com is also developing an arena battle P2E game, which will introduce NFT and FORGE Token.

6. Ring Games|Financing of US$5 million|Animoca Brands led the investment

On June 28, game developer Ring Games announced the completion of $5 million in financing, led by Animoca Brands and Planetarium, with participation from venture capital and game associations including Defiance Capital, Play Ventures, Double Peak, DWeb3 Capital, GuildFi, Avocado DAO, and PathDAO .

Ring Games was established in 2019 by the former core developers of "King's Raid" and is committed to developing Web3 games.


7. OpenLeverag|Binance Labs strategic investment

On June 21, Binance Labs announced its strategic investment in OpenLeverage. OpenLeverage aims to construct a permissionless lending and margin trading protocol, which will be deployed on Ethereum and BNB Chain, enabling traders to long/short any trading pair on DEX.

About CGV FOF: CGV FOF is a fund of funds from Asia, focusing on investing in Crypto Fund and Crypto Studio. CGV FOF is composed of family funds from Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan, headquartered in Japan, and also has branches in Singapore and Canada. CGV FOF includes MetaEstate, EstateTrader, Everland and other brands and companies.

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