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BSN-DDC basic network single-day transaction (Transaction) surpasses Ethereum

On January 25, 2022, the BSN-DDC basic network (DDC network) was officially launched. After nearly half a year of operation, the DDC network has been widely recognized in the industry. Up to now, the number of business platforms registered on the DDC network has exceeded Nine hundred.

The reason why the DDC network has been recognized by many industry peers in a short period of time and established a large-scale network ecology depends on its eight core concepts, that is, it is as transparent as a public chain, fully legal and compliant in the country, It is cheap to use, encourages users to manage private keys, allows self-built node data centers (in testing), supports technical diversity, encourages multi-party governance (funding), and creates a diversified ecosystem. Centering on this, the DDC network is committed to providing a public infrastructure for blockchain and NFT/DDC technology to support its domestic compliance, stable and orderly development, so as to promote the application and development of such technologies in various fields.

On June 29, 2022, the DDC network ushered in a milestone moment: since its official operation, the number of daily transactions of production environment applications in a single day exceeded that of Ethereum (Ethereum) for the first time. The DDC network (including all open consortium chains) reached 974,517 transactions (time zone UTC+8) in 24 hours a day, while the number of Ethereum transactions in 24 hours a day was 938,166 (time zone UTC+8).

This moment is of great significance to both the DDC network and the domestic blockchain industry. Because compared to the fact that almost all transactions on Ethereum revolve around virtual currency and its derivatives, the DDC network can still rely on four open alliance chains and hundreds of business platforms running on the line even though it has nothing to do with virtual currency. In more than five months, the number of chain transactions in a single day surpassed that of Ethereum, which has been in operation for eight years. Although the recent transaction volume of Ethereum has been reduced by the downturn in the currency circle, it still proves that blockchain technology can completely It has been widely used in fields other than virtual currency.

At present, there are hundreds of applications on the DDC network. Although 70% are still dominated by digital goods, we can see new attempts and innovative application scenarios based on NFT/DDC technology emerging every month, such as carbon trading traceability, Ticket management, marketing, privacy protection, and supply chain convergence, to name a few.

On the other hand, the initial success of the DDC network has also verified the idea that the "Public IT Systems" (Public IT Systems) with blockchain as the primary form advocated by BSN will revolutionize the design of the entire information system from the bottom. Compared with the current dominant background private information system, the public information system has more transparent, more efficient interconnection, better privacy protection and clearer data Advantages such as ownership.

The BSN-DDC basic network is essentially built with the goal of establishing the underlying cloud environment of China's public information system. BSN also hopes that all parties in the current network ecology can jump out of the limitations of digital goods and digital collections and further expand the DDC network. Diversification, open up more application fields, develop more business models, and continue to promote the development of blockchain technology and public information systems, so that in the future, it will be in the digital economy, digital culture, data rights, privacy protection and computing power. Networks and other fields play a role.

(The single-day transaction data of the DDC network mentioned above can be accessed at ddc.bsnbase.com, and verified through the browser query of each open consortium chain. Starting from July 15, all DDC network open consortium chains will be based on the number of transactions per hour and The health degree will be permanently disclosed on the homepage of the official website)

Source: Blockchain Service Network BSN

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