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“Bitcoin Is Not Dead” According To Michael Saylor, And How Cryptocurrencies Like Gnox (GNOX) And Polygon (MATIC) Continue To Thrive During The Market Meltdown

Despite recent market turmoil, it isn’t over for Bitcoin. At least according to finance guru Michael Saylor. The founder of software giant MicroStrategy still has his money where his mouth is, thanks to a massive holding of BTC. While recent rumors suggested a further dip in the price of BTC could see him margin called, he’s still bullish about Bitcoin. This could easily be viewed as positive for the entire crypto space as a whole, and while many onlookers have worried about short-term price fluctuations, surely the future for crypto is still bright.

And there are a few other coins that have still had a great few weeks, despite overall market conditions. The success of these coins should be seen as even more remarkable when you consider how much tokens like BTC have struggled. If these projects can show strength right now, when much of the market is panicking, they could be setting themselves up for even more future gains. So let’s have a look at them:

Gnox continues to perform incredibly well

Gnox has been making massive strides in recent weeks, up 63% while still during pre=-sale. And with big discounts still available during this pre-sale period, many analysts are saying now is the time to buy.

And Gnox has a ton of potential not just in the short-term, but for the long-term too. That’s because it puts the benefits of DeFi investment strategies into the hands of regular investors with passive income gains thanks to its unique Yield Farming as a Service (YFAAS).

With YFAAS, all GNOX holders have to do is hold. They don’t have to worry about staking, liquidity pooling, or anything else. And these strategies have often been confusing for newcomers to the crypto scene. By solving these key barriers to entry, GnNox is perfectly placed to help bring passive income gains to the masses, and introduce more normal investors to their benefits.

Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC has also seen very strong gains in recent weeks, and is performing remarkably well considering overall market conditions. As a project that aims to help connect and grow development on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon is already home to tons of successful projects, and its future looks even brighter with the announcement of a launch on the Bitget chain. As Polygon becomes an even more integral part of the wider crypto ecosystem, we think MATIC will continue to show strength in price and could be an excellent addition to your portfolio.


In the crypto world, it isn’t all about BTC. Gnox and Polygon both have great potential upsides no matter what happens to Bitcoin over the coming months. That’s why we think you should look at them much more closely.

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