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a16z Crypto Accelerator Program CSS is open for application, participating companies will receive an investment of US$500,000

19/09 23:33
Odaily Planet Daily News a16z Crypto announced that applications for the Crypto Startup School (CSS) spring 2024 are now open, and the deadline is October 20, 2023. a16z Crypto will invest $500,000 in each participating company in exchange for a 7% equity stake and other standard rights. Applicants should be builders developing cryptographic products, or interested in learning a Web3 programming language like Solidity to develop. It is reported that CSS is a16z’s 12-week accelerator program for early-stage companies, providing customized expert guidance, capital and resources to crypto founders. The plan focuses on accelerating the pace of its product market adaptation and positioning it for long-term growth and success.