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Hong Kong Police: Consider confiscating more than HK$60 million in property related to the JPEX case and extraditing the artists involved back to Hong Kong

19/09 22:56
Odaily Planet Daily reported that Acting Chief Inspector Mak Wai-kwong of the Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau of the Hong Kong Police said that the current wealth investigation team has frozen 15 million Hong Kong dollars in bank accounts and 3 properties with a total value of 44 million Hong Kong dollars, and is considering transferring the batch of 6,000 Property worth tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars was confiscated. Regarding the artist related to the JPEX case who has left Hong Kong for Malaysia, Superintendent Lee Muxian of the Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau said that the investigation is still ongoing and corresponding actions will be taken based on the participation level and role of the relevant persons in the case. If someone really commits a crime in Hong Kong, there will be Relevant persons will be extradited from overseas to Hong Kong when necessary. (Economic Journal)