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Galxe is gradually launching Galxe 2.0, including App, Smart Balance, Web3 Score, etc.

19/09 20:36
Odaily Planet Daily News Web3 credential data network Galxe announced that it is gradually launching Galxe 2.0, including Galxe mobile application (launched at the beginning of the fourth quarter), Smart Balance (publicly launched in late September), Web3 Score (already launched), Telegram & Discord Bot V2 and Galxe ID V2. The Galxe App allows browsing activities, searching project Spaces, managing Galxe ID Profiles, and more, and will be available on Testflight in early Q4 2023. Smart Balance allows users to deposit stablecoins and GAL tokens on the Galxe platform. The deposited tokens will be transferred to points in the Galxe smart balance, which can be used to pay gas fees without the need to cross-chain tokens between different chains. Galxe Smart Balance will be publicly launched in late September. Galxe ID V2 will support social login and multiple addresses and will be available on the website in late September.