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CZ responded to executive departures: Binance added more than 600 new employees during the same period

19/09 20:29
Odaily Planet Daily News CZ said at the Binance Shanghai event: “The entire industry requires a high degree of compliance, and Binance has made a lot of investments in talent, compliance, processes, and technology. Although many people have talked about currency recently There have been many senior management resignations, but there are also many people joining Binance, and about six to seven hundred people have been added in the past few months. We hope to attract more talents to join this industry or join Binance." According to previous news, CZ responded to the resignation of Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder on the X platform: "Brian Shroder should take a break after completing the goals he set when he joined two years ago. Under his leadership, Binance has .US raises capital, improves products and services, consolidates internal processes, and gains significant market share." CZ further stated: “The crypto market is now in a different position, with the regulatory environment rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly unfavorable. Former SEC, New York Federal Reserve Bank, Ripple and DTCC executive Norman Reed is the best candidate.”