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Aztec will adopt the sequencer solution Fernet, allowing anyone to participate in building blocks and operating the network

19/09 18:40
Odaily Planet Daily News According to official news, Aztec Labs, the developer of Aztec, a privacy and scaling solution based on ZK Rollup, announced that Fernet was the final winning solution in the "Aztec Sequencer Selection" proposal because it is simple, secure and easy to implement. The core of Fernet's design is a completely permissionless random leader election, allowing anyone to participate in building the Aztec block and operating the network. Previously, Aztec Labs decided to choose one of the two proposals, B52 and Fernet. Specifically, B52 incorporates MEV into the protocol through a highest-price auction to maximize the value of the network and address the centralizing power that may arise from proposer-builder separation; Fernet is a protocol for random sequencer selection , relying on VRF to assign a random secret score to each sequencer for ranking, and the highest-ranked VRF output has the right to generate the next Rollup.