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Aptos Labs co-creation: Aptos will impact gaming, SocialFi, finance and other industries through blockchain technology and applications

19/09 17:58
Odaily Planet Daily reported that at the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week·Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Aptos Labs co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Avery Ching talked about how Aptos affects Different industries, including games, SocialFi, finance, media, etc. 1. Games: Blockchain must provide a trustless layer to serve as the underlying support for games and provide interoperability. The composable and dynamic NFT of the blockchain can be seamlessly migrated between different game players, which is very important; for game players, they can compete in the game, and the skills and functions that can be developed on the chain can also be Supporting the playability of the game, including the non-emotional interaction with other people, is also very important. 2. SocialFi: Chingary is a Web3 social media with more than 45 million MAU monthly active data and more than 2 million on-chain users. It is very famous in India and Turkey. Chingary is constantly exploring various Web3 applications, including video, NFT. Chingary has successfully brought millions of users into the Aptos ecosystem, providing users with the same experience as Web2. 3. Media: Aptos collaborated with Kyd Labs. The team made the ticket buying experience very seamless, allowing users to use credit cards, but the blockchain operates in the background, thus providing a great experience. In addition, airdrops will be provided to fans. Compared with previous solutions, their solution is much more advanced. 4. Finance: Decentralized exchanges allow users to have ownership of their own assets, which is very good from an experience perspective because there are low transaction fees and real-time payment. The tokenization of assets on the chain makes the assets more valuable. attraction. Specific use cases include DEX innovation and social swap.