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Starknet: The Starknet Feeder gateway will be changed in Q4, and developers are recommended to switch to API services or full nodes at that time

19/09 17:51
Odaily Planet Daily News According to official news, Starknet announced that it will make changes to the Starknet Feeder gateway in the fourth quarter of 2023 and will stop serving multiple types of queries, leaving only synchronization-related endpoints for full nodes. At that time, the Starknet Feeder gateway will act as a gateway to query the Starknet status centralized sequencer. This is only a temporary solution until full nodes supporting Starknet's JSON-RPC mature and are able to meet the needs of the ecosystem. Starknet is working with different API providers to ensure they are ready. Moving to full nodes and API services means transitioning from centralized solutions to decentralized, resilient and efficient systems. Starknet recommends developers turn to API services or full nodes such as Pathfinder, Juno, and Papyrus.