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Aptos Labs Joint Venture: The success of Aptos requires four things: providing modular methods and solving sharding problems.

19/09 17:14
Odaily Planet Daily reported that at the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week·Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Aptos Labs co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Avery Ching delivered a keynote speech "Aptos 2023》. He said that Aptos believes that to achieve future success, it needs to do the following: One is to use Move as a programming language, which has advantages in both scalability and security. The second is good configurability, so that it can better adapt to future application experience and new future technologies. Low latency and high throughput are very critical. The third is to provide a modular approach and enable continuous iteration. For example, transaction processing is done through Block-STM, which is a very important development; there is also parallel transaction execution. The fourth is to solve the sharding problem and achieve interoperability between multiple shards in the future. These are very important. At the same time, keep your trading principled.