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The crypto trading platform Netcoin was recently attacked and lost approximately US$250,000, but user funds were not damaged.

19/09 14:48
Odaily Planet Daily News BIGG Digital Assets disclosed that its online cryptocurrency brokerage company Netcoins was attacked on September 17, local time. Netcoins’ internal control system detected suspicious activities on the Netcoins hot wallet, and then the automated system blocked Crypto asset withdrawal attempts are made and Netcoins staff are notified immediately. After an internal investigation, it was determined that malicious actors had accessed the Netcoins network. Netcoins has taken steps to remove unauthorized users and strengthen the security of the network. The Netcoins team resolved the vulnerability within 1 hour. BIGG stated that no customer funds or crypto assets were damaged. The cryptocurrency extracted by the attacker only came from the operational circulation of Netcoins, with an estimated value of 343,000 Canadian dollars (approximately US$254,000); in addition, Netcoins also detected that the attacker deleted customer personal information without authorization, and is investigating this . As a precautionary measure, Netcoins performed a hard reset of all customer passwords and required all users to set up new credentials in order to access the platform following this incident. Netcoins has updated all internal passwords, password management systems, tokens and keys for its network to prevent any further access. Netcoins continues to operate normally, the investigation is ongoing and law enforcement has been notified. (GlobeNewswire)