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Planet noon news

19/09 13:29
1. friend.tech’s 24-hour protocol revenue is US$980,000, currently ranking third in protocol revenue; 2. A whale address spent 9.92 million USDT to purchase 5,997 ETH last night; 3. Lawyer: JPEX’s civil claims are more difficult, and users whose assets are not in custody may become unsecured creditors; 4. About 35 new addresses have withdrawn a total of 755,687 LINK from Binance; 5. About 15 minutes ago, 74,577 TRB were withdrawn from Binance to the 0x0ba address; 6. Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu: The police and the Securities and Futures Commission have been asked to meet with the media this afternoon to explain the JPEX-related incidents; 7. A suspected Ripple address transferred nearly 30 million XRP to Bitstamp, and received 100 million XRP last week; 8. Curve launches a new proposal to “integrate crvUSD into the DeFi platform Term Finance”; 9. Slow Mist: 7 security incidents occurred in the Web3 field last week, with a total loss of approximately US$75.77 million; 10. Canto will migrate to ZK L2 powered by Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).