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Cyberport CEO: Cyberport now has more than 190 Web3 companies, including underlying infrastructure, digital entertainment, etc.

19/09 12:01
Odaily Planet Daily reported that at the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week and the 9th Blockchain Global Summit, Ren Jingxin, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co., Ltd., said that Cyberport now has more than 190 Web3 companies, and the number is still continuing. The increase includes multiple fields, including companies with underlying blockchain infrastructure, financial technology, digital entertainment, etc. Cyberport's Web3 base focuses on talent cultivation, industry development and public awareness. Regarding the current status of Web3 funds in Hong Kong, Ren Jingxin said: "In the past period, we have been in close contact with funds specializing in Web3 in the industry. There are more than 40 funds in close contact, and their combined assets or funds total US$4 billion."