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Solana calls for an open dialogue with policymakers about Web3, its potential and pitfalls

19/09 11:13
Odaily Planet Daily News Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko published an article in Fortune magazine, suggesting that the United States should take measures to retain blockchain developers. In addition to the U.S. Congress needing to formulate a clear regulatory framework, the government should also invest in blockchain. research and development, and to try out the technology for themselves, calling for an open dialogue with policymakers about Web3 and its potential and pitfalls. Yakovenko said: “Blockchain developers are faced with the choice of staying in the United States or realizing their dreams, and more and more founders are choosing to leave. According to data from Electric Capital, in 2018, the United States accounted for 42% of the world’s open source blockchain development merchants. By 2022, this number will drop to 29%. As with any new technology, there are scams in the digital asset space, and we should do everything possible to eliminate them. But a well-functioning economy should not be compromised by the worst behavior across the industry And punish the entire industry.”