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Aave community proposes to add LUSD to Aave V3 on Arbitrum

19/09 00:03
Odaily Planet Daily News The community governance forum shows that the Aave community proposed to add LUSD as a loanable asset (LTV is 0%) to Aave V3 on Arbitrum. It is reported that LUSD is a decentralized stable currency supported by ETH and minted based on Liquidity Protocol. The addition of LUSD to Arbitrum is intended to promote the diversity of stablecoins and will further enhance support for decentralized stablecoins. LUSD will be over-collateralized in ETH, with two main mechanisms helping it stay anchored: - LUSD can be redeemed for ETH at face value (i.e. 1 LUSD is exchanged for 1 ETH); - The minimum mortgage rate is 110%.