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A certain whale transferred 8,000 ETH to Binance an hour and a half ago, and has transferred 12,000 ETH in 20 days

18/09 22:47
Odaily Planet Daily News According to on-chain analyst Ember Monitoring, an hour and a half ago, a whale address transferred 8,000 ETH ($13.24 million) to Binance. The ETH price was $1,665 at the time of the transfer. Including the 4,000 ETH transferred from August 29 to August 31, he transferred 12,000 ETH ($20 million) to Binance in 20 days. It is reported that this address received 64,000 ETH ($106 million) from czsamsunsb.eth after it was created in March, so it may belong to czsamsunsb.eth.