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Wemade partners with SK Planet to drive blockchain and platform business growth

18/09 22:35
Odaily Planet Daily News Wemade and SK Planet have reached a strategic partnership to expand the blockchain and platform market ecosystem. To achieve a closer business partnership, the two companies are investing in each other's stocks. Wemade and its subsidiary ChuanQi IP will acquire 7.08% and 5.31% of SK Planet's shares for 20 billion won and 15 billion won respectively. SK Planet will acquire 20 billion won of Wemade convertible bonds and 15 billion won of shares held by Wemade President Gwanho Park to hold a 1.27% stake in Wemade. Gwanho Park will use the proceeds from the sale of shares to purchase WEMIX tokens to promote the development of the WEMIX ecosystem. (GlobeNewswire)