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Former Copper execs set up Gateway 21 to help companies deal with new UK crypto marketing regulations

18/09 22:25
Odaily Planet Daily News Carly Nuzbach Lowery, the former chief legal officer of British cryptocurrency custody company Copper Technologies Ltd., has launched a new company, Gateway 21 Ltd., dedicated to helping cryptocurrency companies cope with the stricter new regulations they face when marketing their services in the UK. Regulation. Lowery said in an interview that Gateway 21 Ltd. is seeking approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to arrange investment transactions, and once it becomes an authorized company, it will be able to approve financial promotions of crypto companies. (Bloomberg Law) According to previous news, the British FCA issued a document on its official website stating that due to the need to give encryption companies more time to change their marketing processes, some new encryption marketing regulations can be postponed to 2024, but the core content will still be implemented on October 8 this year. This means that from October 8, cryptocurrency services will be classified as a high-risk investment category for UK marketing materials, and all platforms globally will need to display clear risk warnings to UK customers and have any public promotions approved by authorized companies .