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Hong Kong Police: The number of people reporting the crime on JPEX has exceeded 1,000, and the second internet celebrity, Chen Yi, has been arrested

18/09 19:03
Odaily Planet Daily News The police arrested Internet celebrity Lin Zuo this morning on suspicion of being related to the JPEX case of the virtual asset trading platform named by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is understood that another Internet celebrity Chen Yi was also arrested. They were suspected of conspiracy to commit fraud. The police searched Chen Yi's "CYOTC" Chen Dayi cryptocurrency exchange shop in Wing On Plaza in East Tsim Sha Tsui. According to sources, the police originally also targeted another person in the entertainment industry, but because the person was not in Hong Kong, they were unable to arrest him. It is reported that the police have received reports from more than a thousand people regarding cases involving JPEX. Some legal consultants said that if the subject violates the law, there are two main factors to consider when evaluating whether the collaborator has violated the law, namely whether they participated and whether they were aware of the crime. It is believed that the police will have evidence or opinions in these two aspects to make the arrest. (Economic Journal) According to previous news, after JPEX was named by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, new withdrawal restrictions were added. Investors can only withdraw a maximum of 1,000 USDT, and the handling fee was once as high as 999 USDT. The China Securities Regulatory Commission said it would refer the case to the police for follow-up; today, JPEX said it would remove financial services and recover liquidity from third-party market makers.